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Arterial Line Insertion




Additional PE Information
Kidney A&P

Module A

Module B

Module C

Module D

Module E

Module F

Module G

Module H

Module I

Module J


Module K

Module L

Module M


Module A Self-Assessment 1

Module A Self-Assessment 2

Video - Module A

Module B Self-Assessment

Video - Module B

Module C Self-Assessment

Module D Self-Assessment

Module D Calculations

Video - Module D Part 1

Video - Module D Part II

Video - Module D Part III

Module E Self-Assessment

Module E Clinical Application

Video - Module E

Module F Self-Assessment

Module F Summary 1

Module F Summary 2

Module F Shunt Equations

Video - Module F Part I

Video - Module F Part II

Module G Self-Assessment

Module G Summary

Module G Equations

Module G Guidelines for Mechanical Ventilation

Module G Mechanical Ventilation Problems

Video - Module G Part I

Video - Module G (Part II)

Module H Self-Assessment

Module H - Acid-Base balance

Module H - Acid-Base Map

Video - Module H

Module I Self-Assessment

Module I - Summary

Module I - Renin/Angiotension System I

Module I - Renin/Angiotension System II

Module I - Aldosterone

Module I - Aldosterone II

Module I - The Kidney

Module I - Diuretics

Module I - Anion Gap

Video: Module I Part I

Video: Module I Part II

Video: Module I Part III

Module J Summary

Video: Module J Part I

Video: Module J Part II

Module K Self-Assessment

Module K - Summary

Module K - Part 1 (Not Streaming; may be a

long download)

Module K - Part 2 (Not Streaming; may be a long download)

Module L Self-Assessment 1

Module L Self-Assessment 2

Module L Summary

Video: Module L Part I

Video: Module L Part II

Video: Module L Part III