RSPT 1085


RSPT 1085 - Respiratory Therapy Procedures I

Course Syllabus

First Day Handout

Tentative Calendar



Module A - Introduction to Respiratory Therapy
Self-Assessment Answer: Module A
Module B - A Day in the Life of an RT
Legal Terms Answers
Module C - Medical Terminology
Module D - An Overview of the Patient Care Process
Module E1 - Infection Control
Performance Evaluation: Handwashing

Answers to Self-Assessment

for E-1

Module E2 - Disaster Control
Module E3 - Patient Safety
Module E4 - Body Mechanics
Performance Evaluation: Body Mechanics
Module E5 - Occupational Safety
Module E6 - Electrical Safety
Module E7 - Fire Safety
Module F1 - Patient Assessment: Critical Life Functions
Module F2 - Patient Assessment: Chart Review
Module F3 - Patient Assessment: The Interview
Module F4a - Patient Assessment: Neurological, HEENT and Neck
Module F4b - Patient Assessment: Vital Signs
Performance Evaluation: Vital Signs
Module F5 - Patient Assessment: Respiratory Assessment
Module F6 - Patient Assessment: Heart Assessment
Module F7 - Patient Assessment: Abdominal, Renal & Extremities
Module G1a - Diagnositcs: Non-Invasive Monitoring

Performance Evaluation: Pulse Oximetry

Performance Evaluation: Apnea Monitor

Module G1b - Diagnostics: Transcutaneous Monitoring
Performance Evaluation: Transcutaneous
Module G1c - Diagnostics: CO, CO2 & NO

Performance Evaluation: Capnography

Performance Evaluation: CO Monitor

Module G2 - Diagnostics: Cardiovascular
Module G3 - Diagnostics: Radiology
Module G4 - Diagnostics: Laboratory Testing