How to Share a Coke - Some amazing engineering students!

Doctor's Slang - Hilarious!

Advertisements from Days Gone By - Unbelievable!

RT Video - Sadly, this is the truth!

Live to 100? - Dan Buettner and National Geographic presents reasons why there are certain cultures that consistently have centenarians.

A Humorous Look at Respiratory Therapy

Will it Blend? - Did you ever wonder if you could blend a bunch of golf balls? Well, Tom Dickinson will demonstrate. Don't try this at home!

Numbers Game - Entertain your family!

Remember Me - A tribute to troops. Warning: Have some tissue near by!

After the Tornado - A heartwarming story.

The Virtual Body - Fascinating link!

Inspirational Video - Randy Pausch -Inspirational video of Professor Randy Pausch and his "Last Lecture". Dr. Pausch died in late July 2008.

Cool Clock - For those who need something other than a watch.

World Clock - Filled with fascinating facts.

Heart and Lung Sounds - Great site to brush up on auscultation techniques.

Patient Assessment - Great site for a review of A&P

Drawing a Woman - I wish I had this much talent!

Angel on My Shoulder - Self-explanatory

320 Pound Woman - You know you'll have to look...

Guide to Grammar and Style - For those who write papers and more importantly for those who don't! Great resource.

Antarctica - Great site on this forgotten continent. Check out the photos. They are magnificient.

Universcale - Want to get a handle on infinitesimal we are and yet how incredibly huge we are... Use your mouse wheel to move ahead and back.

Respiratory Quiz Site - Interesting site with quizzes on respiratory stuff.

Disease Database - Great site to get more info on any disease.

Another Great Anatomy Site - Check out the X-rays and disease pictures.

Critical Care Medicine - A great site on Critical Care Medicine

CPR Training - Not your ordinary CPR course.

Rules of Thumb - Did you ever wonder how you should push a cat off of your lap? This site has this kind of stuff.

Animator vs. Animation - Someone just has WAY TOO much time on their hands.

Cell Phone